Terms & Conditions:

To recommend Niagara Pools & Spas to a friend or family member, download and give them a referral card with your name and information filled in. When your friend or family member presents the given card to a Niagara Sales Associate at the time of purchase*, you will receive a gift certificate with an amount based on the level of the purchase. At the same time, your friend will also receive a free gift as a token of our appreciation.


Reward Value Chart

  When Your Friend Buys… You Get Your Friend Gets
  Inground Pool $200 Gift Card $100 Gift Card
  Above Ground Pool $100 Gift Card $50 Gift Card
  Spa $100 Gift Card $50 Gift Card
  Gazebos $100 Gift Card $50 Gift Card
  Pool Table $50 Gift Card $25 Gift Card


Rules & Regulations

  1. There are no reward limits, a customer may refer as many other people as he/she desires
  2. The referral card must be presented to a Niagara Sales associate prior to or at the time of their purchase (no exceptions). The referral card cannot be given to a Niagara sales associate after their time of purchase.
  3. A reward will be authorized to the individual named on the rewards program card presented at the time of purchase by the perspective client presenting the card. The card will be attached to the agreement of sale for processing by the contract process center.
  4. Only one referral reward will be allowed and redeemed for each referred customer.
  5. The referral rewards my not be redeemed for dollars and have no actual cash value.
  6. Award levels are listed on and Niagara Pools & Spas reserves the right to change, without notice, the referral rewards.
  7. Actual referral reward will be subject to current offering at time of redemption of the reward, not the time of submittal.
  8. Any disputes or conflicts regarding referral rewards shall be decided solely at the discretion of Niagara Pools & Spas
  9. All awards will be mailed to qualifying award recipients after the installation or delivery is completed.