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Inground Pool Popular Features

inground pool automated cleaning systems photo

Pro G Plus Automated Cleaning System

• Mineral sanitizer and chlorine dispenser in one
• Works automatically with pool filtration system
• Available in three sizes to fit any pool
• Destroys bacteria
• Cleaner, clearer, softer water with less chlorine
• Environmentally-friendly
• Clearer, cleaner water with lower chlorine requirements
• Works with pool's existing filtration system
• Reduces eye and skin irritation, and unpleasant odors
• Available in three sizes to fit any pool
inground built in hot tub spa

Spill Over Spas

The Spill Over Spa is the Perfect Pool Side Companion. The soothing waterfall effect brings tranquility and relaxation to your backyard. Not to mention the ten (10) adjustable massaging jets working together to ease your stress, aches and pains, all while sitting in a luxurious spa that is part of your own home. Fort Wayne Pools® engineers created the spa with seven (7) comfortable, ergonomically designed seats tiered to fit all family members and friends. The spa also has textured slip resistant steps for entering and exiting. We even included built-in beverage holders for convenience while enjoying your favorite summertime drink.

aquabot pool cleaner, polaris pool cleaner,pentair pool cleaner

Automatic Pool Cleaners

Niagara offers a wide variety of pool cleaners for all sizes and shapes. Niagara even offers different types of cleaners depending on your system.


inground pool fiber optic lighting

Fiber Optic Lighting

Fiber optic lighting systems are safe and affordable. Featuring metal halide technology*, our fiber optic lighting systems offer you the same lamp technology you find in many luxury cars today.
inground pool fountian,inground pool jets

Luminar Jets & Fountains

Niagara offers features to turn your pool into a backyard oasis. Create beautiful landscapes using rock water fountains or jets built into the concrete.


nature 2 inground mineral system, bioguard mineral springs,pool salt system

Automated Pool Care & Easy Care Package

Making pool care easy and affordable is what Niagara is all about. Niagara offers easy care packages that including water purification systems, automatic cleaners, filters and pumps.


inground pool heaters

Heaters, Heat Pumps & Solar Equipment

Pool heaters can help you get more enjoyment out of your pool or spa by allowing you to spend more time in it adding to your comfort, and maximizing your backyard enjoyment a surprisingly affordable addition. They heat up fast. They are economical to run. And they're built to last for many years.
inground pool safety covers

Safety Covers

The Yard Guard Deck-Lock System is the latest in pool cover technology. The Deck-Lock cover comes in either high quality mesh or reinforced vinyl and reinforced webbing both top and bottom on every seam protected by rub strips. If you want the best for your pool, Deck-Lock is it.
inground pool steps and inground pool decking

Steps & Decking

Steps come in four colors and a selection of shapes designed to perfectly match our popular liner patterns: Stone Tite, Stonehenge, Inverness and Versailles. So you now have the option of a completely unified pool interior. Ladders and handrails come in white and gray, designed to match our standard white and gray Coping, and to complement any liner and step combination.
inground pool filters and inground pool pumps

Filters & Pumps

Keep your pool water crystal clear by using a combination of Niagara's powerful filters and pumps.
inground pool waterfall

Poolside Waterfall

* Durable, Rugged & Light Weight Polyurea Construction
* Recommended for Pool, Pond, or Spa Applications
* Molded from Actual Rock Outcroppings for Realistic Look
* Available Boulder Accent Packages Matched for an Extended Natural Landscape Zone
* Available in 4 Colors — Hues May Vary
* Color is Chemically Bonded to Undercoat
* 87"L X 26"H X 36"W
* Approx. 73 lbs.
* All Sizes +/- 2"; Weights Vary Accordingly